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How to post a picture is it possible


It just keeps on saying that it is too large even though it's not, the only one I can post is 0.93mb, does anyone know the official limit, because I thought it was nothing over 5 :facepalm:


https://www.electro-tech-online.com/conversations/finding-the-right-battery-pack-with-18650-batteries-for-a-homemade-boombox.38220/ when I'm talking about this conversation it doesn't even show an upload button, not even if hit more options, hopefully I can find a online file reducer that reduces each file down to like 0.93mb for phone users which is going to be hard, it's hard to get it under 5mb from my experience, I will post if I find any website or app that lets you reduce size to next to nothing, if anybody knows the size limit please lete know if I'm right about 5mb or if it's less ?


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when I'm talking about this conversation it doesn't even show an upload button
The facility to upload pictures to conversations is not enabled as a standard feature in the forum software.



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Thanks for everyone helping to find the easiest way, does anyone know a good online file size reducer, to make it easier for phone users.just hoping the site changes to a easier method that takes you directly to your files on your phone depending on the votes, and result of all the options
I go by a superb freeware - IrfanView. https://www.irfanview.com/
but it's not online.
Not only can it resize the picture, but can do a lot more - make it monochrome, change colour saturation.......

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