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how to make this?

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I'm trying to work out how to make the motor part from a motion picture frame (one of those picture frames which has a raster/lens, which slides up and down in front of a dual slotted image and creates the illusion of a changing image). See example here:

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The raster/lens, picture and frame is no problem. I need to move the lens up and down (a motor with a cam) about 6mm. If you look closely you can see the electronics under the changing image, its a micro DC motor assembled in a plastic housing. I want to make these but can't find the micro motors or this plastic assembly.

Does anyone have any ideas on how i can make this dirt cheap? The motor should be less than 0.30 USD (any links, ideas, pointers)...

many thanks


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the motor will be a dc, 6mm coreless drive 1.5 v input (costs around 0,30 USD) (based on 1000 units)

the thing is how to make the plastic gearing reduce the RPM and provide enough torque to lift the raster/lens.
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I have two very similar items to the one you describe.

They are both driven by what appears to be a clock mechanism ( since it sounds just like one ). I've not taken either apart, though I believe they have a small cam on the second hand ( ignoring the hour and minute hands ) that moves the 'card' up and down behind the lenticular screen.
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