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how do i get more power from ba6209

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hi all,

i am using ba6209 to control 6v(100 ma) dc motor in my new robot.
the motor is a normal tape deck motor.

my problem is ... when i connect the motor directly to the supply voltage
(9v 500 ma), the motor runs great and is literaly unstoppable by any weight. but when i drive it through the ba6209, it just cant take much load
and my robot has a tough time turning left and right. (it turn great if powered directly by the suply voltage)

i used the ba6209 as per the schematics shown in its datasheet but it just give out much juice. i tried keeping its 'reference voltage' pin open for max Vout but in vain.

a simple 6 transistor H-Bridge (using SL100s and SK 100s)gives out far more power than this IC. but i cant use H-bridges cos i have 4 motors
so 4 h-bridges will make the circuit very bulky.

can i possibly do anything bout this problem. i want real power.
the ba6209 gets its control siglans from CD4555BE (which in turn gets its inputs from a dtmf decoder i.e. cm8870). its a wireless robot controlled by a PC.
i dont have a multimeter so cant take any readings. :cry:
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