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how do i convert from DC to AC ?

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Please specify: input voltage
output voltage
output load current
isolation between in and out (yes or no)


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Share a little more about the application. Questions that come to mind are frequency, do you need a sine wave, regulation, etc. A good description of what you are trying to do with the 12vac will help reveal the importance (or not) of many things and enable folks to share what might be tried and tested solutions.


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Sometimes you need to be specific about questions like that. Anyways, it is a hell of a lot harder to convert DC to AC then AC to DC. Above you might notice that there is an astable multivibrator circuit that is switching two waveforms 180 degrees out of phase with respect to eachother.

These are simply switching the windings on the centertapped transformer to step up the voltage to another level. I am not sure how you can make 12Vac from transformers that are readily available.. Also, do not expect a lot of current unless you are going to buffer the switching signals with some mosfets or whatever.. Your transformer needs to be able to take the power also.



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AC to AC but output = 400Hz

Humm... I am an undergraduate at San Jose State, CA. I am doing an intern in a power company. I am experimenting to run a 22,000rpm 115V 400Hz Fan made by Ametek. The line may vary from 90 to 255Vac and/or 47-63Hz. must be isolated.
I am impressed with the explaination given by the Electronic Boy. If you can give me some suggestion on how to go from 60hz to 400hz to start up, it would be so great. later on, i will have to learn about regulating that line, and isolating it. Thanks.
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