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How are you managing with the Covid-19 pandemic?


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Well, in post #8 I posted a few figures. It's now 10 days later,
UK has gone from 422 deaths to 4,313. ~ 10 fold
US from 784 to 8,454. ~ 10 fold
The World 19 thousand to 65 thousand.
Other European countries slightly better Spain 2,600 to 12,000 ~ 4 fold. Italy about 2½ fold.

A friend of mine posted this elsewhere,
I get the impression that the UK is actually still half following the dangerous herd immunity approach................My niece who returned from Australia to London last Tuesday via transit Doha, said that there were no checks at Heathrow and she was allowed to go straight home by any means she chose. Contrast that with here, where everyone coming in goes into 2 weeks quarantine at a designated facility, controlled by security so you can't leave.............
And Australia has gone from 11 to 34. With a lot of luck and a good wind Australia may have avoided the catastrophic numbers seen elsewhere.
However, how we get out of this lockdown without a huge resurgence I've no idea.

Time will still tell.



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Anyone believe the 5G - CoronaVirus link?
Why yes, of course.
In the same way that I believed that 2G, 3G, 4G or whatever would cause the extinction of all life on earth and cause a great tear in the space-time continuum. (Worst case scenario).



if you go to some ultra-close-up photography, it is amazing how carpet can look like a a sand dune, or you can see the crystal grains in coins, or the moss on a window sill can looks like its own forest...

the trick is using a tripod and delayed release so your finger doesn't bump the camera - even a little bit.
Except that would require a macro lens as well, or an extension tube at least, which I don't have and cant afford at the moment. I have been using an 18-200mm lens and I can get to about 50cm of the subject whilst still having a "useful" depth of field.

A couple of examples of my lockdown work..._DSC0724.jpegGlassglobe.jpg
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Can anyone explain, or have a theory on the very different death rates from different counties?
Using just the closed cases I.E. got better or died, all data from https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Australia looks to be doing very well (so far).
View attachment 123821
The world is a little worse,
View attachment 123822
Italy, wow
View attachment 123823
And, the UK,
View attachment 123824

For some reason, the US doesn't have the same panel but their stats are dead:784 recovered:379. Pretty much the same as UK.

I'm hoping that the figures are caused by mass under reporting of mild cases. If the death rate is only 1% then the UK must have had ~42,000 recovered cases that weren't ill enough to get tested.

Can't get worse than this Lamao! Praying for everyone to get well soon.

Nigel Goodwin

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Well still working from home, had a trip last week back to work to drop off what I'd done, and collect a load more work. I've got a full 500m drum of that cable in the picture to cut to lengths, and 67 of the boxes in the picture to build up - only 67 because that's all the batteries we had in stock, I've already built a load more PCB's waiting for batteries. I've still got various other stuff to build as well, and this should also give me the time to work on a new project that we've never had time to do so far.

Perhaps I'm a bit dumb?, but I've only just noticed the cable has the length printed on it, showing how much is left on the drum (283m left at the moment), only been using this cable for 2+ years, and never noticed before :D



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Some good advice from Nissan bu5 applies to all brands...


If you are sheltering in place right now, that may mean your Nissan vehicle is, too. Be prepared to hit the road when you are ready with some simple tips you can use to help maintain your vehicle’s health while it’s parked.

Start your vehicle at least once a week, and drive it long enough that it reaches operating temperature (check your Owner's Manual for details). Driving periodically will help maintain the battery's charge.

Fill the tank with gas if you expect the vehicle to be parked for a month or longer. This will help prevent moisture from accumulating inside the fuel tank, which could lead to poor operation.

Use a tire pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tires — the correct pressures can be found in your Owner's Manual. Then, open the hood and refer to your Owner’s Manual on how to check your vehicle's fluid levels.

To avoid flat spots in your tires, be sure to move your vehicle from time to time so that the full weight of your vehicle is dispersed evenly over time.


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Don't shelter your car in the wrong place.

and alway engage the anti-grav when parking for long periods of time.

schmitt trigger

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I also love macro photography.

In the attached photo, the bee stung me.
You know that bees die after stinging, so I decided to make good use of my pain. Waited until the bee gave up the ghost, and posed it with a strawberry.bee and strawberry.jpg


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I also love macro photography.

In the attached photo, the bee stung me.
You know that bees die after stinging, so I decided to make good use of my pain. Waited until the bee gave up the ghost, and posed it with a strawberry.View attachment 125132
Nice, have you tried adding magnifying glass in the light path. I had one photo where I could see little hairs on (near?) the seed.

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