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Holtek microcontoller

Ian Rogers

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If you are dedicated to that chip ie… requirement at work etc... You'll struggle. BUT! if its' for you to get into micro's then AVR or PIC will be a far better choice.... I believe the Holtek chips are very robust and developed for the industrial world... But as you have found out already, hardly any support..
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Ok, so it seems that not much information is available about this controller (at least for sample codes) as per suggestions from you people.

Please post if you still find anything.

Thanks to all of you.
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You don't say why you need to use those HolTek chip, a requirement of some college project etc ?

As said, so many other well supported micros out there to choose from that can be programmed in low or high level languages.

This Holtek pdf seems to cover the ADC routine, flow charts, step by step descriptions, all you need apart from a full code example.

Sir, we were using pic controller for domestic circuits, but due to price constraints and also as both of them had almost similar features, we decided to go for holtek.
And I will surely go through the link you have provided.
Thank you.

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