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high voltage generation using LT3751


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Hello, I'm using IC LT3751 in High Voltage capacitor charging mode with Vtrans of 22 V. and pulse transformer of ratio1:100 and I've used CockcroftWalton circuit after the transformer to step up it upto 8-9Kv. but isaw that IC didn't work properly and I'm not getting gate pulse on HVGATE pin. my aim is to generate 2000V output at the pulse transformer output side and then step up it upto 8-9KV. can you please suggest any solution.


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That's about the same step up transformer as a car ignition coil. It could be done with a timmer. I used a 7555 to make a flasher. Operated a N Channel Mosfet to flash and be turn signals in my VW Bus. Here is the link. Still using it. Maybe something similar could run the transformer. What voltage are you after. AC DC? Frequency? Wave Form?
The Old HP Oscilloscope flybacks ran with a single 2N3055 Power transistor I made one that would shoot a DC spark 3 inches a long time ago using High Voltage rectifier diodes off the flyback at about 3kHz. https://www.electro-tech-online.com/threads/electronic-12-volt-emergency-flasher.158965/
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