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hi i have problem please help me


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i have small micro called pic 10 f 200 i do not have pin Tx
or R x recive i want smaller tx and rx and use with them wirless
help me please


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You need a bigger pic. The 10F200 is a 6 pin chip with 16 bytes of ram. Only good for controlling toasters.



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The PIC10F200 is a very minimal device without a hardware serial interface (UART).

You would have to write software serial routines to send and receive data with the appropriate timings.
There are some example routines here, though they are for a PIC16 series and will need some adaption for the PIC10

The 10F200 only has 256 bytes for program storage and 16 bytes of RAM, which is very restrictive for any kind of communications & buffering, so I doubt there is any real possibility of it working.

If you could use a different device, there are vastly more powerful ones available now, in small packages - eg. the PIC16F18313 which has more program memory, more RAM and many built-in peripherals including UART.


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