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Helping others & crowdfunding

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Hi All:
I've been on ETO a while and learned a lot. Now I've turned my attention (over 3 years) to a serious problem in my neck of the woods and the general developing world. 'Backyard lead battery smelting' and the toxic outcomes.

In short I've built and validated a solution that works reasonably well to mitigate up to 1/3rd of toxic lead acid battery dumping in the developing world bound by the tropical belt. It can be used in other 'hot' regions as well as the economics of it depends on lead acid battery service life being cut in half as dictated by every 8.4°C ambient temp rise.

After about $200K USD of development and nearly 30 prototypes I have a minimum viable product for deployment that regenerates lead acid batteries. But now it gets really expensive as electrical certifications and 'business' overheads jump into the fray. So....crowdfunding is my next step.

This is the development methodology employed: http://theleanstartup.com/principles
Also I have quit my job (2 years now) and I am 100% driving this. The success rate for Caribbean tech. startups is only 1000:1. I am told I have trimmed that down to about 5:1 with the validated progress to date. The IP search (done by the TTIPO) has cleared the way for a utility patent application.

I just completed a workshop; run by Spain & Austrian Universities/startup support and have come out on the top of all Caribbean tech startups.

Kickstarter -the go to for tech startups does not accept Caribbean countries. Thus I am trying to bootstrap this through Patreon.com.

Please have a look, any contributions or support can help get the ball rolling. The first $1 is much harder than the next $1, or the next $100. The page was launched yesterday.


I have a commitment from a Brazilian adhoc group of engineers that want to deploy there, but I still need to finance manufacturing & certifications.
They develop electronic kits for sale in Brazil.

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