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  1. E

    Regenerative receiver simulation

    Hello everyone. I'm trying to simulate a classic regenerative receiver under LTSpice. I'm not sure if I'm doing things correctly. I'd appreciate if anyone could correct me if I'm wrong, or suggets better ways of doing it. I modeled the antenna as a voltage source. Of course it is NOT real. I...
  2. M

    Regeneration Power from Motors back to battery - blocked by DPDT switch - need Diode rating

    Hi, Ive tried to find what rating of power diode to wire in series with an emergency shut off button, I'm going to be using a DPDT as I have 2 batteries on 2 circuits - the 11 volt battery to the motors via a robo claw motor shield (2X30A) and a 7 volt battery for an Arduino and logic power on...
  3. Mosaic

    Helping others & crowdfunding

    Hi All: I've been on ETO a while and learned a lot. Now I've turned my attention (over 3 years) to a serious problem in my neck of the woods and the general developing world. 'Backyard lead battery smelting' and the toxic outcomes. In short I've built and validated a solution that works...

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