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Hi, recently I have built a solar car, I wish to control the front tires(side movement: left or right) through a remote control.

Because I am new to this "robotics" field. If someone could give me a site where I could learn some basics. I tried seaching google but couldn't find much. Hopefully after learning these basics, I could try to figure out how to make the remote control for my car.

Second of all, does anyone know how I can go about making the remote control for the car(as described above). I only wish to have 2 commands: left and right.

AND ALSO!!! :eek: if anyone could recommend any GOOD books, for a student going into grade 11 for this field, it would be real helpful!!!!!!

Any help will be great. Thanks. :)


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Seek out the "Pericom Technolgy Inc" website they make R/C chips and have a good selection of application notes , complete with schematics.
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