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3.1 A shunt regulator using a Zener diode with rz = 5 Ω is fed through an 82 Ω resistor. If the unregulated power supply changes by 1.3 V, what is the corresponding change in the regulated output? (Sketch a diagram to answer the question). [4]
3.2 A full-wave bridge rectifier with a 1 kΩ load operates from 220 V/ 50 Hz supply using a 10:1 transformer.
3.2.1 Sketch a labelled circuit diagram indicating all components and polarities. [4]
3.2.2 Calculate the peak rectified voltage across the load. [2]
3.2.3 Find average DC voltage across the RL. [2]
3.2.4 A filter capacitor C = 470 µF is connected in shunt with the bridge and the load. Calculate the vrpp and resulting VDC (VL). [4]
3.3 DC measurement on a power supply has a terminal voltage of 12 V when loaded with a 1 kΩ load resistor. The terminal voltage drops to 10 V, when loaded with a load resistance of 100 Ω. Find the load regulation. [4]


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Welcome to ETO, Percy2002!

Unfortunately, this sounds (and looks) like a school assignment post.

Ordinarily, members don't answer these...

That's your job.


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If you come up with a proposed solution, post it, we might make suggestions. But only after we see your best effort...


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Solved all the points right now. What is next?
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