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Help with a very basic project!


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Hi! I'm quite inexperienced with electronics with only a basic theoretical understanding so please excuse my general ignorance with circuits!

Have this display screen that I received from a company that I thought I'd fiddle around with in my spare time. It plays 3 separate advertisement videos, two volume control buttons and a mini USB port. Was wondering if I could rig it up to play my own videos and what I'd need to go about doing so?

Thanks :)



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You also seem to be inexperienced at asking questions. A link to where you bought this from would help.

BTW, short guess, no.


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Full name/product number and brand is needed as well.


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I guess it will be hard slash expensive to do that


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What do you get when you connect the USB to a computer?
If file manager shows any video files, you could just replace them.
It may be necessary to use the existing file names.


Sounds a lot like one of those slideshow devices. Conect this to a computer and in file explorer, see if this device shows up.
You might have to go to the manufacturer for certain software or drivers.
If it shows like an external device, you can go through the tree and locate the video files and replace them with your own.
This uses flash so your memory with this may be limited.


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The adverts are stored in EPROM within the device. No point fiddling about inside it. As others have said, you need to connect the USB and use that.
USB will return useful information (dig around in device manager, if using windows) about the device if it doesn't show up as storage, and you can go from there.

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