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Help with 74logic Ic


Hi there,
I'm spending to much money buying the exact same chip Id's because I'm not very good at understanding part codes. I could use some help.

I need some MC74HC00AN.
I know I can drop the MC as Motorola manufacturer. I guess the HC I need to keep as it's high speed. So 74HC00AN Can anyone tell me what the AN is for and how would you go about shortening the codes. Would you call it a 7400?
Thanks for any help


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AN = dip package.

7400 = old first thing
74C00 = cmos
74HC00 = high speed cmos with cmos levels
74HCT00 = high speed with ttl levels.
74AHCT00 = advanced
74F00 = fast
74L00 = low power
74S00 = Schottky
74LS00 = low power Schottky
74LV and LVC = ? don't remember


Thanks Ron.
The closest reasonable parts I can find are 74HC00N. Do you think that's the same part? My thinking was the N stands for Dip package it's just missing the A out of the code... which is what i need.

This is starting to make sense though- I watch a lot of videos and hear people referring to the IC as 4 digit codes E.g. 6864 and i never know as it's totally different to what's on the cases


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The data sheet will usually explain what the suffix values mean.

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