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HELP: Speaker Box Design

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i have two 18" subs and am desperately wanting to buil boxes for them, for home use, not for my car, can anyone help by giving me specifications etc......... :p


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Mosfet, Hope you can give me some advice.

My system is getting quite old and the amp appears to be slowly dieing. It was a bit crappy anyway very old goodmans 200W amp, old Hifonics 10" (think it was olimpian) sub. I have decide to update.

Im thinking of the folowing:

PIONEER TSW 1201C 12" subwoofer
With Bass Box
1000W Max Power
Legacy LA 570 800W 2 channel amplifier Remote control bass boost
Fully adjustable electronic crossover network

Yeah I know a bit vague, that is a direct paste from the site. Now bare in mind I live in the UK and sound equipment is naturally more expensive here, do you think £199.99 is a good price?

Btw did I mention saving for a new mortgauge seriously reduces the 'I need a good sound system in the car fund'. :)



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im not knocking legacy im sure they are makers of quality merchandise :? , but i would stay away from that brand. ive heard of nothing but trouble from them. do what you wish but do your homework so you dont get burned on inferior products.


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That Pioneer 1201C is a beautiful driver.
It doesn't appear to be available in the US.
We have a 1241 that looks similar and sells for $150 locally.
The Legacy 570 sells for around $95 here.
So price-wise we are pretty close.
My puny alternator limits me to the factory FM.
I think we've hijacked CamHeggie's thread.
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