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Help --- Pspice Germainium Diode Simulation ((help))

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Hello everyone

I am trying to simulate the Germainium Diode characteristics in Pspice.

I only have the free version of Pspice and it does not have Germanium Diodes.

Simulating a silicon diode with a dc sweep and plotting the graph is no problem.

I can edit the properties of a silicon diode in Pspice but I do not know wich are the changes I have to make so that it can act like a germanium diode and give me an approximate .265 to .3 volt threshold voltage when I plot the graph.

Can anyone help me?

thank you all



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I don't know if you can add models to Pspice student, but if you can, here is a model for you:

.MODEL 1N34A D( bv=75 cjo=0.5e-12 eg=0.67 ibv=18e-3 is=2e-7 rs=7 n=1.3 vj=0.1 m=0.27 type=germanium)

I found this by doing a Google search for "1N34A".
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