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Help please

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I am going to a concert in 4 days. I will be pretty far back. Here is my situation...

1. I have a nicer camera, but the circuit board needs to be replaced. I went to one place, and they would send it in. (Is it possible to find someone in town that can do this in one day?)

2. I have an average camera. It is only 3x zoom. I dont think I would get anything good with that. (I want some good close ups)

3. I have a vhs camcorder. 18x zoom, 1.3 mp. (Is there some way I can record with that, and get it onto the computer?)...(without spending money on extra stuff?)

4. I have an older camera. Sony 1.3 mp, 6x zoom. It uses a floppy, but has an optional floppy disk adapter for a memory card. (Will I get any quality out of this?

So, those are my options...Can someone help me out?


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1) Your shop will tell you how long it takes. Where are you?
2) Likely correct.
3) They will not let you in with a video recorder. Copyright, etc.
4) Same quality as 2.

My suggestion: Enjoy the concert.
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