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help me to bring circuit diagram?????

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hi everyone

I have a clamp meter
266 clamp meter
with 261 Option (500v) insulation tester.

it's old

It's not work so I opened it and I tried to discover where is the problem and I found it.
The problem in a resistor connecting with the varying key.
the resistor is burnt but I can't see the color on it all I saw the first one and the fourth
the first is red and the fourth is silver (for the tolerance)(ignored).

How can I know the resistor's value?
How can I bring the circuit diagram?

Any help from anyone??????????????????????????


Ahmed Hassan


New Member
Have you tried searching for circuit diagram online? you also need to think about why the component may have overheated in the first place,
It may be there is a problem somewhere else in the circuit.!! Karl


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Its very easy to deal with this type of problem.You need to have only two instruments.1 you need a sidecutter secondly another test meter.try this method i know it worked for me many times.Try cut the resitor on its middle.use your extra testmeter to check the value of each of the half of the resistor that you cut already,the higher value of any of the half must be multplied by two.that is the value of your resistor...e.g :if one half is 20 omh.the other 12 0mh,then you say 20 omh x2 =40.Hope it will work for you
Good luck
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