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Help in programming PIC16F877.....

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I am new to PIC world but i have done much work on 8051, 89C51 etc. Now i was trying to check out new PIC16F877, whose feature amazed me.
I was trying to make programmer for PIC16F877, but i have following questions.

A, Does PIC16C84 programmer with wiring change can be used for PIC16F877. If not then why?

B, How to autodetect PIC16F877. I am sure there is some device identification byte exist but i dont know how to read it. perhaps may be i am missing some thing in PIC16F877 datasheets and programming specification.

yes i have connected it to Gnd by 1k resistor. My problem is i could not understand the programming specification that is how i can autodetect the MCU.


You use the RB6/RB7 pins to program as you would with an F84
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