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Help identifying capacitor(?)


New Member
Hi -- my son burned out our Wahoo Kickr Snap cycling trainer by (understandably) plugging in the a 48V power supply that had a matching male connector to the 12V power input on this trainer .... at least, I'm fairly confident that's what happened. In any event, there was smoke and a pop. And it would appear that the small capacitor in picture popped. It's not labeled in the way that I've encountered before, so wondering someone can help decipher this.

It has 3 sets of numbers on the top:
94340 (I think)

It was hot glued onto the "C1" indicator on the PCB, as pictured.

I can't see any other obvious damage, so I figure it would be worth trying to replace this first to see if that fixes the provblem.

I've contacted customer service for the unit asking if they can help me identify the part and so far they're claiming they cannot help. Quite frustrating. Of course, they'll sell me a replacement rear assembly for $225 ... :-/

Any help in identifying this would be greatly appreciated!


Nigel Goodwin

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It's a 220uF 25V surface mount electrolytic capacitor.

However, I'm dubious that replacing it will cure your problem - it's blown because it's rated at 25V, and it's had 48V applied to it, but it's much more likely that it's done other damage as well - Q2 in particular looks very over heated.


I'm with Nigel on this one because C1 is across the supply for decoupling and your trainer should work without it, if it doesn't, you have further damage.


New Member
Thank you both so much for the replies! I will see if I can get a replacement PCB board. (I guess I'll just try testing it out first to confirm other damage was done.)

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