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Help Identify IC

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Hi, can someone help me identify this IC please. The circuit is from a Mitsubishi Outlander ECU and one of the IC's burned, its identical IC is unknown to me and I can't find any info about it.


The IC circled in yellow is the one I need info. The red circle is the place where the burnt IC was, it is the same IC as with the yellow circle.


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"X1" or "1X" is not enough information. Sorry
It might be a dual transistor. Could be an IC. Numbers on these small parts really don't say much.
Hi ronsimpson, thank you so much for replying. Could it be a dual transistor? The part of the circuit receives pulse from Crank Position sensor which triggers the Ignition coil for the spark plugs.

Can you suggest something that could be bought online with similar functions? I've repaired some with burnt Mosfets and I replaced them with something that could handle about the same rating and it works just fine. This component is so small.
I guess I found it. When you suggested that maybe it is a dual transistor, I googled and I think this is it. Even has a mitsubishi logo in it.



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Wow you are lucky.

When I saw heavy traces going to the corner pins and small traces to the middle pins I thought of this below. Actually when I saw pins 1-3 or is it 4-6 connected I though the emitters are tied together.
Data sheet from a different company.
Rohm and St Micro also make them.
ronsimpson, thanks for your help because it took me to the right direction. I've been googling this for a few days already and decided to ask here. Your "dual transistor" suggestion was the key and I really appreciate it.

schmitt trigger, I would love to buy the Rohm brand but I can't find one that ships to the Philippines. But i'll keep that in mind.

schmitt trigger

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Now that you mention the Mitsubishi logo, Mitsubishi had a semiconductor division that was merged with Hitachi (if I remember correctly) to form Renesas.


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Also Nexperia makes them.
I went to Mouser.com first then I found more at DigiKey.com

Do you have a friend that can ship to you? (I am not volunteering. LOL) Double shipping is really going to hurt.
Digikey does not have a "Philippines" location but they are really trying to ship to everywhere.
If they are really trying then talk to them on live chat on their website and see what they can do.
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