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Help for PCB Antenna for 800/900 and 1800/1900 in all MHz


Dear friends

I am designing a PCB for Sim868 and I want to design PCB antenna for Bluetooth and GSM for it, ( for GNSS (GPS) might be good to buy an active antenna)

It could be like this shape but i am not sure :

GSM atenna.png

I'm not familiar with this kind of designs, do you have any sample or PCBLIB file for it? or any advice to how i have to do this?

Best Regards


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I made a GSM antenna years ago. The IC data sheet had a example of how they wanted the antenna made. Try looking for other GSM parts that have better information. There should be a PCB layout guide for these parts.


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you could use a planar disc dipole. the disc diameter is 1/4 wavelength at the lowest frequency of interest, and the spacing at the feedpoint determines the highest usable frequency. it has low SWR over the whole bandwidth. http://www.wa5vjb.com/references/PlanarDiskAntennas.pdf

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