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help designing

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another guy

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hey guys im new here

i was jst wondering if any1 can help me designing a water level controller but it must be a prototype.i want to use a 2 hall effect sensors to sense the postion of the water and motors to emulate the closing and opening of the inlet and outlet valves.and a 12 V motor will emulate the pump..can any1 just help designing this thing plz.thank you in advance


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This is a little mechanical and electrical.

Hall effect transistor is just like a regular bipolar device with the magnetic field acting as transistor base bias. The more magnetic field, the more transistor turns on. Many Hall effect transistors actually have base lead also pinned out that allows for setting a quiescent bias point.

Get a good strong magnet and embed it in a styrofoam float. Float must be able to float with the weight of magnet.

Probably need a tube to use as a guide for the float to keep it close to outer edge of tank so Hall effect device can pick up the field through the tank wall with Hall effect sensor on outside of tank. All this assumes the water tank is not steel. If it is steel then Hall effect would have to be mounted inside tank which is more trouble with protecting device and wiring.
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Using hall effect is easy , but use ac sensors for high and low. Send an AC to centre , if received by low , open fill, if received byhigh shut fill.
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