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Hello thar


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Hey, I'm new on here, but some of you may recognize me from all about circuits or 4hv.
looks like a nice site here :)

I'm in highschool and without any formal education in anything science related except for chemistry, which I'm fairly good at. I try to help when I can, but usually I'm the one asking for the help.
My current projects are:
nixie clock
building a projector of some sort
plasma speaker that works well and anyone can build in a weekend without any internet parts
all of which are on hold till may 8th

Completed projects (is there a section for that here?) are a science fair project on plasma speakers and flyback saturation and one on the efficiency of diodes, and a mains powered aluminum ring launcher.

things I will eventually be doing include a magnetic levitator, tesla coil (audiomodulated), flame speaker, carona speaker (can you tell I like audiomoduating things?), building a multitouch table, and fixing up my car in general. but that's a very loosley interpreted eventually...
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Hi, Magnet18! Good to see you here on Electro-Tech!
I look forward to your contributions in the future! :)
Der Strom


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Thanks DerStrom, I probably won't be on much before may 8th though (exams), but I intend to be on a substantial amount after that :D

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