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hello someone can tell me if that possible?

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i dont know nothing about eletronics so i need you professional help for my acadmeic project. (im studing economics and business management)

we need a micro electronic project, we need a base with 3-4 led lamps and a speaker that will be turn on from Distance by remote control radio wave.

*so i want to know if that project is possible to make ?
*someone here in that forum can mkae that ?
*how much it will cost to make one ? (only the materials without a plastic)


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I can certainly see this request coming from a "business management" perspective.
In order to get a "bid" on your "product" you need a "complete" set of specifications.
Start with: what is your product supposed to do? Then a step by step description of your vision of how this will be performed. Then a list of all the specific requirements and limitations. That will give your "vendor" a minimum amount of information as a "starting point".

The devil's in the details.



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I also "dont know nothing" about electronics and am actually proud of that fact. So, which bit of electronics do you know? :D

As already mentioned, a bit more information is required.



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im asking in theory can someone make projact like that with home made or we need to go to pro labs ?

"rc" --- send signal ---> ("LEDS+Speaker" recive signal) ----> start blinking and beeping

also a bottom to turn all that off thats all

what eles you need to know ? since i dont have any background in electronics it looks all clear to me :p


Yeah - OK I will say that I will make you one - what do you want to know now?


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I got one that fits the bill all but one part it uses a sony remote to turn the leds on and off from a distance
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