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Hello,Can any of u guys help me with good project sites ?

do u think ther's gonna be an electronic revolution within ;say 5 yrs?

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New Member
Hi guys ,
as suggested by my subject,im kind of new in this site. :D
I am studying to become an electronic enggr ,now in my 3rd yr.
I am currently searching for a project to do as a part of my curriculum.
i just want ur sugestions regarding some neat sites that will help a
first timer like me to do a nice working project.So can u guys help me
out by sending a couple of sites which has good info abt projects? :roll:

Electric Rain

New Member
...Discover circuits and Commlinx... :oops: I came here with the intention of posting BOTH of those and no more... :lol: So, mailboy... I guess you know those are a couple of good sites! :lol: 8)
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