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Heart Rate \ Accelerometer \ bluetooth combo ??

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Sincere apologies if this is not an appropriate place to ask this kind of question, but I have been Googling to death to find some experts to ask such.

I know that a product like this already exists Alive Technologies

but I would like to know if it is possible to make a heart monitor and pedomoter that can communicate to a PC via bluetooth.

I came across this article on this site
Make: Online : DIY Bluetooth accelerometer

which kind of ticks two out of three.

The reason is I want to make one myself in order to write my own software on the PC to monitor the data for a specific use. The problem is i'm an electronic dunce.

I would be very grateful if somebody can tell me if it is possible and simple enough for me to build.

Many thanks in advance, and thank you for your sage advice!



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I am a programmer and thats where my comfort lies. If it's not possible for me to build it, how would I go about requesting someone else to build it for me, or provide the (PCB?) for me to go to an electronics company to build a few prototypes? I don't know how the electronics business operates.




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Do you mean you would like to make one of these (with an acell. added) ?http://www.electro-tech-online.com/custompdfs/2009/07/heartmonitor_handout.pdf

That looks an expensive project to develop unless you are building 1000's of them to recoup your investment.

I presume it has to be Wireless because it's for sport/training use?

Does it have to be realtime wireless data? Can it not log a series of runs and then download it ? I've designed special-purpose dataloggers before that come back and are downloaded for analysis.

If you're making just one, for your own use, how about basing it on a bluetooth keyboard? (using STD_IN to port data).

The PCB inside a b/t keyb is very small and a cheap microcontroller can easily interface this PCB to conditioned sensor signals you provide. IMO that would be the cheapest and easiest development for a one-off.

If you'd like to progress this direction, let me know.
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Thanks for getting back to me.

There's another product here :
Zephyr?: Smart Fabric for physiological and biomechanical monitoring

I'm not sure it has any accelerometers though.

It does have to be wireless and send back live data regarding a person's heart rate and movement. I need the data as it happens so there is no requirement to log and download.

Initially I just wanted one unit so I could sit there and write some software \ experiment with what I want to do.

If, as you suggest however, this would be a difficult and costly exercise, then I shall just leave it as a pipe dream....! I think the link to 'DIY' project in my initial post fooled me into thinking how simple this might be.

Someone on another forum suggested I write to to Alive Tech and ask If I could use their product and write my software. But a) I can't get hold of them b) I cant find where to buy the product in Europe.

If the Zephyr had movement detectors I would the ask them the same.

thanks for your advice.


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Bluetooth heart rate monitor is available now. You even can get it online.
For more information, you can contact: amy at kytoelectronic.com

The bluetooth heart rate monitor can work online and offline modes,it is awesome.
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