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HD44780 Display frame

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Pax Writer

New Member
Hey folks

First off: Happy New Year :)

Then the really important stuff: Are you aware of any metal frames made for the typical 2x16 char or similar LCD? I need to work out a mechanically sound solution to how to attach the display to a small mainboard (which I am designing - So I get to be creative). The previous version had the display simply soldered to the main board which meant very poor mechanical stress tolerances.
I think I remember to have seen in the past special fittings for attaching displays to PCBs in upright positions, but I couldn't find any when I searched around on the net...
Anyone know of a retailer selling these or just have a bright idea how to attach the LCD?

Thanks in advance

Gayan Soyza

Active Member
Good question same happens to me.Every time after finishing a project i don't like to keep the circuit without clothes.The enclosure is very need for longer life.
I use plastic boxes for enclosures something like this.


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