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Have I wired my PCB the right way?


Hi guys, I have designed this Microcontroller development board using the STM32F334K4T6, I wanted to know if my wiring is fine and all the connections are right. Please let me know if this will power on and will I be able to upload some program to it. There is the PCB that I have wired and there is the schematic I have created for it. Please let me know.

Thank you.



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Now can I see the ground? Assuming you will fill the top side with ground copper.
C1 should connect from pin to pin. maybe also C3.
or like this
C2, C4 move to top side (red) and place near pins 1, 32. Use short traces.
C7, C8 are hard. They should also find a short path back to pin 32.
Move C6. You need a heavy ground area from C6 to U2and C5. Also C5 has long traces. It should also be close to pin-pin.



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You need at last one ground on U3, U4.
How are you going to program the IC? Do you need boot0 and NRST brought out?
Are you going to use the functions on VDDA?
I turned Vcc green. There must be a simple way to run this trace.
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