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Hanns-G HU196D half dead screen

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My screen started killing the left half of the picture yesterday. When it's cooled down it shows the image fine for about half a minute, until it gets temperature, then it dies again.
My gut feel is the inverter is going.. going.. gone, but I do not have anything to test with.

Can someone confirm my theory? (hint, hint - Nigel)
I also do not know if I can get spares here in good old RSA, don't know if I want to take it in to the dealer, it will be to expensive.

Nigel Goodwin

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It's not the inverter, the tubes are horizontal, and if a tube died you would just get a slightly darker picture where the tube was - except the set would probably shut down totally because of it.

At a rough guess, I would suggest LCD panel failure, possibly the LVDS board, which is part of the panel usually.
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Thanks Nigel.

I had a screen at work where approx. one eighth horizontal section went dead.
Replacing the inverter fixed that.
I was just hoping it would be something similar and fixable with this one.
There is a special on a BenQ 18.5 inch wide screen for a to good too pass price.
It seems I will go and get that.
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