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Good USed Oscilloscope

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I would like to get back into playing around with electronics. I am seriously looking for a good used oscilloscope. Can anybody recommend a particular model or manufacturer. I imagine there is some that are considered reliable workhouses that give good performance.

Anything in particular I should be looking for considering it's just for basic electronics.


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I asked the same question of some friends locally. The suggestion was Tektronix. Basic chassis and plug-ins are somewhat interchangeable. A local electronics surplus dealer puts them together from his collection for between $100 and $150. While he doesn't formally warrant the stuff he stands behind it informally - if you have a problem, bring it back and he'll make it right. In my case I'd end up with a 'scope that exceeded my capabilites.

If you are here in the US look for "hamfests" - amateur radio gatherings that local clubs have where they sell stuff in a flea market arrangement. If you had a list of the chassis model and plug ins you could shop there. Alternatively just walk around and if you see one ask the seller. A lot of these folks began where you are at and love to help out.

I picked up a nice Hitachi scope in great shape for $75 via one of the friends who offered ideas. Send me a message if you'd like the name of the dealer I described.


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Try searching Ebay, I'm sure you can find plenty of stuff there.


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Each to their own !

Ask ten 'scope owners and you will probably get ten different recommendations :?

The one I use most is a tiny thing with a screen about 1.5 inch square - yes it is a true cathode ray oscilloscope (Thandar - discontinued :cry: )
My big 'scope only claims upto 5MHz (according to the manual) but I suspect its bandwidth is actually nearer 1MHz :shock: , I rarely use this 'cos the little Thandar one is so handy :wink:

It is easy to be beguiled into buying something far more powerful than you require; 250GHz sampling, 500MHz bandwidth, four trace, 100% pre-trigger, PC interface, seperate tea, coffee and beer spouts ... but will you use them (well, the last one might be nice!).

As Stevez said I already have "a 'scope that exceeded my capabilites".
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