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Give some idea of Good Project

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Hi to all of you I'm going to be Specific this time I have a Project Study to be make and I'm confuse what I'm
to going to be made because are Lot of Electronics Project out there

Just send me and email @ [email protected]
or just reply


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Hi etoledo.

First of all, a little critisism(s)! You DON'T have to create a bunch of new posts every time you reply. It's not nice and makes some people (me included) somewhat angry, so in the future please reply in the same post.

Secondly, you can't just expect that someone will make (or give) you a fully functional circuit that you can build. We are not magicians and we cannot read you thoughts, therefore YOU need to tell us what kind of circuit (project) do you have in mind.

Like you said it, the Internet is full of electronic projects and ideas so, until you come up with some suggestions, please search a bit and I'm sure you'll find something. Don't get this the wrong way. I (and a lot of people here) will help you if we can after you tell us your ideas.

And for the end, a little thought: I would personally go for some microcontroller project...but that's just me.
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