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GCSE Electronics Project, A Weather Station...

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This is my first post on this forum, i am a GCSE electronics student, and my nominated project is a weather station.
Now before anyone tells me i am cheating, i have checked with my teacher this counts as research and not cheating/copying/plagarism.
After that onto the problem
(and thanks for even bothering to take the time to read it, really appreciate it)

My product MUST have:
-A temprature sensor (Preferably 2, one for air, one for water)

Those are the only two main requirements for my products and they dont even have to be displayed via an LCD or 7 Segment display. for the temprature my idea was to use a thermistor, an op-amp and a bar graph display driver, and calibrate it so that as the resistance on the thermistor decreases he bar graph lights go up, thus the temprature has increased, obviously itd be nice to somehow display information like this didgitally. i am open to any suggestions on this front.

I am extremely stuck on the windspeed issue, i only had one idea:i didnt really understand them. the most appealing one was to use a mini motor prop and use that to calculate voltage. I have no other clue on how i could do this and dont completly understand this anyway, any suggestions/help are muchly appreciated.

On my product itd be nice to have:
-barometric pressure indicator
-humidity sensor and finally
-wind speed direction (apparently the hardest)

I havent really researched these into much detail yet, but il post on what i find.

Finally my product can be completly circuit based but can also use PIC chips and microcontrollers.

Thanks for reading my very long post
thanks for any help!:D


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Also i read about using a brushless DC motor on the net, but it wasnt clear how i would use it..



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Thanks for the replies guys,

@chud.. i will look into the IR emitter/detector nd also i assume u meant the "hot wire" on wiki, i shall have a look at that as well, do u know how much they cost and/or where i could buy one?

@mike thanks for the asing design i ca use it as part of my existing products research:)


A PIC, sounds like a good idea, check out Nigel's tutorial for more information.
WinPicProg Page
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