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Gate remote small 12v battery - same as car batery voltage?

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Guys, I have a gate remote that I use to open and close my gate. It carries a really small 12v battery inside that constantly needs to be adjusted in its position due to the bad design of the remote assembly (the battery has to be shifted around, and contacts need to be bent). The bad design on the remote has the battery not sitting in a 'comfortable' spot, so it moves around a bit. Anyway, I was just wondering if I can actually solder wires to the terminals inside the remote and power it with the 12volts from my car. I would hook up a cigarette lighter jack to the cord running from the remote, or even make the remote permanently mounted inside my car.

Was just wondering, will my car's 12volt be the same as the little battery's 12volt? or will the high current capacity of my car damage the remote?

Nigel Goodwin

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It should be fine, the remote will only take the current it needs - although the voltage from a car battery isn't very 'clean', I doubt it will cause any problems.


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As Nigel said, the voltage in a car isn't very clean, it's also not usually 12 Volts.

When the engine is off, a fully charged battery will typically be about 12.9 Volts.

Engine running, battery charging, it's typically 14.1, and could be as high as 14.5 Volts.

That may be too much for your remote.
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