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Gaming Chair Fault


New Member
Hi guys, I've bought a used Pyramat S2000 gaming chair which has developed a fault. The speakers just crackle but the crackle gets louder as you turn up the volume and the crackling changes tone with what is happening on the game. If I plug head phones in, they crackle in exactly the same way.

I believe there must be a fault on the printed ciruit board but I have no idea how to find what the fault is. Any advice would be great.



New Member
Suprised you had nothing back on this post, if you are still interested, there are a few possible causes to your problem, is it a line level input to the chair with a amp built into the chair, and do you plug the headphones directly into the chair? do you have any type of signal tracer that you can follow the audio path with? let me know, Karl.


New Member
You'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge, I am no electonic wiz, but don't mind looking at things and trying to work out logical solutions. Not sure what you mean by a line level input? The chair works on 12v 4amp provided by a mains adaptor. I have tested the adaptor to see if the volts fluctuate but they don't.

The headphones do plug into the chair. I have taken the circuit board out and every thing connects direct to it except an I pod plug where the socket is situated on the opposite side of the chair connected to the board by a wire.

There are three knobs on the board. Volume (which is also the on off switch when you turn it all the way off), bass and oone that switches between Ipod and Gaming device i.e. xbox.

There is also the two connectors for the leads from the xbox/ps 3 etc, and another two to link another gaming chair.

There is a headphone socket on the board too.

I could send a photo of the board.

The speakers are aslo connected to the boards by wires along with the two neon bulbs.

I think an amp is on the board too. I'm sure I've been told the big metal fin shaped thing is the amp.

Thats pretty much the entire set up.

Thanks for you help.


New Member
How are you connecting your audio to the chair, I have done some googling about, and a few sites mention a 2.4Ghz cordless connection to the chair, it may be a problem on the input or the amp itself, how well is the sub working? Karl

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