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G540 Programmer

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by Dan Lee, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Dan Lee

    Dan Lee New Member

    Jul 25, 2017
    I am building a simple BCD to 7 Segment LED Display. I am using a PLD to decode the BCD & drive the 7 Segment display. I have written the Code using WinCUPL. Now I am trying to program a Lattice GAL22V10 PLD using a G540 programmer. The programmer reports pin connection errors. I have had this programmer for a while, but have not used it much. Everything looks good, but I get that error. I have tried to program my part by ignoring the error, but it appears that the part is not blank, after erasing it.

    I have contacted the manufacturer in China, but have not received an answer.

    Does anyone have any experience with this programmer?
  2. JayArr

    JayArr New Member

    Aug 10, 2017
    Mission BC Canada
    Hi Dan

    I have the G540 and I was never able to get it to program a PAL or GAL.

    I'd be happy to program some ICs for you, others have been really helpful to me here recently and I want to pay it back.

    I have a vintage 1980's Stag ZL30 logic programmer that is great at PAL/GALs. You would need to send me some blanks and email me the file.


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