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Funny Images Thread!


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You mean I shouldn't look for a date at the next family reunion?
I thought that kind of stuff stopped at the KY/OH border. If that cutoff has progressed all the way to Youngstown, I'll have to keep a closer eye on the rugrats at my next family holiday party.

Nigel Goodwin

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Back when I was doing TV's we used to have some customers, we called them 'The Clampits', who lived on a small farm in the middle of nowhere near Hathersage. Interestingly the daughter had a baby, yet she'd never left the farm - presumably it was one of her brothers?.


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I was doing Service calls in Cape Town...
Lady opens the door. Wearing a nightgown.

Happened many times. Never took advantage even though the customers tits fell out.


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One particular woman/customer had a crush for me. Used to break her TV/complain

She was nah. Always had make up on like Adams Family.



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In German say 11 - 6

then think of The Hobbit


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I wish the "COW" story was a joke.
I am thinking about "ELK" on the tall ones with long antlers.
Next year I will invest in some cans of red paint.

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