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Flourescent light starter

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I am interested in a circuit that will start a 20w flourescent tube, a circuit that does not use any coils. Thanks. hermhart


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Without coils it is not possible start a fluorescent light.


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Hi hermhart,

If you live in a place where the supply voltage is
240 volts, you can strike the smaller tubes without
a ballast or transformer.

Kinjalp, i take it your supply is 120v, yes ?

Once lit the gas assumes a fairly low resistance,
so the current has to be limited, this is usually by
a capacitor in series with the unit normally to live.

When the starter changes state, the gas gets put into
circuit, the heaters become just electrodes.

I dont think this arrangement works on 120 volts.
But discharge tubes are a funny lot, there might be
some that do.

Regards, John



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No, John, I have 220V in my country but I thought he wants a 4 feet tubelight to start without coils which is impossible unless you have a device which can generate high voltage similar to what a series RLC circuit does at resonant frequency.
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