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fingerprint scanning device..

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hi, sorry guys that i've sent in a topic earlier which is not that practical. hehe...
ok, i've thought of doing finger print scanning device, maybe attached to a alarm system.
i was just wondering, whether is it possible for me to use InfraRed LEDs to scan the fingerprint ? or i really have to buy a fingerprint scanner?

what microP should I use to connect it ?

please give advice.. thanks


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Well, there is no specific uP you should use. You can use any uP. But the condition is that it should be fast enough to do all the manipulations required to do on the fingerprint bitmap image.
I would suggest you to use any of the uC from 8051 family. The newly introduced C8051 family from CYGNAL ( www.cygnal.com ) are much fater than classic 8051's.
Even PIC are faster but most of them lack hardware multiplier circuitry which is most required when playing with bitmaps.
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