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ESP8266 pc turn on

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In short, what I'm trying to do is get a es8266 to turn on my computer when asked. It's going badly, to say the least. I'm hoping one of you guys here could help me a bit and guide me to the right direction. I've attached a screenshot of the rough idea on how the design was supposed to go, but I think I'm missing something fundamental. Then again, I'm learning all this from scratch, so... any help would be appreciated.
In case you also need my program to see any logical fallacies, here. it's zipped. The board in question is the NodeMCU esp8266 ver 0.1 on the top (probably v.1)



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I must be missing something. The screenshot of the rough idea shows only a component with one input grounded. Surely this is not the full extent of your rough idea. I also do not think it wise for any reviewers to open an unknown program provided by an unknown person. Is there some other way for you to communicate your design idea?


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have you looked at the computer's BIOS to see if there's a "wake on LAN" setting? most computers these days have this feature, and the computer will turn on when a packet is sent to its ip address.

if you are posting source code in that .rar file, it's not necessary to compress it. post it as code using the
tags in the BB editor

that makes it easier (and safer) to read for all of us.
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