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ESP32 and Smart Plugs


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One of the bigest problems with sharing electronic projects is when you use mains operated equipment , typically needing relays or triacs etc and the dangers it can create in the wrong hands.

Today there are lots of Smart Power Strips with 3 -6 outlets that are almost the same cost as conventional relay board, but being ready built and just needing normal household plugs it seem an obvious choice.

However seems they are designed to be used with smart phone / cloud operation , though have seen some brief details of converting them to a local LAN for direct wifi use with an ESP32 , though not seen any real detail of how to do that or the code with the Arduino IDE / C++.

Is anyone using such a set up and could share or provide a link please ?

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Usually you want to control it from anywhere, so the first problem is a fixed IP address. The cloud and the device can both access a fixed public IP address.

Home internet doesn't allow fixed public IP addresses. You need a service like dyndns to provide this mapping. The first levl of security is that there is a mapping and reverse mapping of IP address and name generally needs to agree.

mail receivers and https is a lot more complicated. The "certificate" provides the encryption and it's elsewhere.

You can look at AWS or Amazon Web services.

There is a software package that allows control of stuff using your own web server.

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Various of the smartplugs use ESP8266's, and can easily be reprogrammed as you wish.

Be aware though that it's almost certainly LIVE - so it mustn't be plugged in while you do it.

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