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EPP parallel port timing question

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Was wondering if anyone could shed some light on EPP parallel port instruction timing. Everything I read indicates maximum port transfer speeds of 2 mega-bytes per second which, (if I am calculatind it correctly)
gives an instruction cycle time of around 500 nano-sec. I have observed my port being able to run in the <200 nano sec range. I cannot tell exactly how fast the fastest cycle is because my O-scope is old and min setting is .2us/div and has no trigger delay capabilities, so I cannot display the entire trigger event. I have been able to successfully loop data thru the port at ~300 nano-second cycles, but my timing setings starts to get more critical. Is this speed normal?
I have a P-3 1.4 ghz system and am running FSB bus up at 140 MHZ. Are my observed results due to the overclocking of my system?


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EPP port is a standard and has nothing to do with the rest of your system.
A EPP port from a Pentium 100 will run exactly as fast as the EPP on a P4 3.6Ghz...
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