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Enquiry For Probailiy

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I got some probabilty question to ask.
As i understand there are lots of probabilty solution.
When i see a particular question ,how to i know what probabilty to use?
Here one question: how should i respond to this question?

Let said there is 1 millions of eggs, the worker had to random drew 100 eggs from the lots, given that 200 eggs are very small.
In case 1, the worker had to accept the lot also if the number of very small eggs found is less than 3. What is this probailty for it to happened?
In case 2, the worker had to reject the lot if the number of very small eggs found is more than 3.What is the chance?
In case 3, what is the chance of having very small eggs of 2 or 3. This is done by drawing about 1000 eggs. If the number of eggs found in sample two is less than 10, then the lot will be accepted else it will be rejected. What is the chance of case 3 if case A and Case B are not applicable. How probabilty will change?
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