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eMMC flash

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Does anyone know how I can read files from eMMC chip? Yes, I use a programmer but it reads raw bytes only. I need a software that can tells that here starts the first file saved by user , here the second and so on. In other words the software omits system data and makes output easy readable. Does anything like this exists?
Or how can I find the start/end of each file?
Thank you


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Fir you need to know which filesystem is used on that flash. Then you can mount it and read the files.

Ian Rogers

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If the files are of the same type and size, yes it can be read... If they are not, then there will be a header for each file.. Can you see the raw data? If it were me, I would write a small program to access the data byte by byte and shift it to a PC so I could analyse the data... If they are pictures, then they will most certainly have headers..

It's all down to your capability.. What device is this eMMC out of?
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