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Email using sim800L module

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Aman Singhal

New Member

So basically what i want is a system where i simply use a gsm module like sim800l module and whenever there is a trigger i want the module to send an email to a particular person now there are 2 ways in which this can be done :

- First is that i use the inbuilt functionality of the gsm module to access my gmail account and then send an email through it ( which btw i tried a lot but didn't worked for me )

- Second is that i use some sort of an api or something (IFTTT maybe) which can get an HTTP GET or HTTP POST command and in return, it sends an email to a person.

Solutions for both methods are welcome. Please help its urgent.

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
Most Helpful Member
I do it by using a PHP script on one of my servers, the SIM800 connects to the PHP script, which uploads the readings to a MYSQL database, and also emails the data to a number of different addresses (the addresses of which are stored in another MYSQL table). I never even looked into sending emails directly, as I need to write to the MYSQL database anyway, and doing it all via PHP scripts allows you to make most changes server side, rather than in the SIM800 programming.
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