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Electronics Project HELP! Connecting LED to solar cell and small dynamo motor

Hi! I would like to do a project where I connect a small LED to solar cell and dynamo motor as two circuits connected by a SPDT switch, so I can power the light with the power source of my choosing. I don't really know much about circuits or where to start. Like where does voltage and current and resistance play part and what should I know about it for a project like this? How does I connect the LED to wires or the switch? Positive to negative? I am sure some one here can help me and I hope a project like this is simple for you. Also can you explain to me the materials I'd need for a project like this? Thanks and feel free to ask more questions! Any help is greatly appreciated!


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You need to learn about simple electricity involving an LED that has a certain forward voltage range and requiring a certain current, a solar cell, a generator, their output voltage and current ranges from them and resistance.

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