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Electronics locking up!

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Nick B

New Member
Firstly - Thanks for adding me, I look forward to spending many hours here.
So - Has anyone come across an electronic unit that freezes up and powering down won't shift it?
The power supply is intact.
I specialise in Audio but have seen this occur in other non related equipment.
Any thoughts?


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Yes, freezing or "crashing" is very common, in many types of equipment.

Not restarting after a power cycle either means it's battery backed and not truly resetting, battery backed for configuration data and that has been lost, or there is a physical fault of some sort, even if just a poor / corroded connection or dust contamination.

Nigel Goodwin

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Computer systems crash, and much (most?) electronics has a computer system inside it these days.

Freezing is also common if 'something' is missing, and it's sat waiting for a signal of some kind.
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