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electronic review

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i'm in electronics at school & we got this jeopardy review template & we're supposed to make our own questions & stuff for it but i'm stumped

i have 3 catagories so far (schematics, what am i, & what's wrong) but i need 2 more catagories with 5 questions for each catagorie

we're supposed to try & stump the teacher but mine's more of questions for the class like i don't want obvious questions but i don't want them ridicuously hard so that no one except the teacher could get them

any ideas?


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How about a category on Electronics Evolution? It could contain questions on how electronics evolved from vacuum tubes to micro-chips.

How about a category on famous pioneers of electronics/radio? Questions about Marconi, Tesla, Bell, Morse, Norton (no not the antivirus people!), Maxim (no not the girlie magazine!).
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