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Electronic Engineer

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i was wondering if anyone in the forum is an Electronic engineer? i have to pick a course in college soon and i was wondering was it a good job to have and is college hard to get through? Also is it a good paying job.

What are the oppurtunities for an electronic engineer after college.what kind of work would i be doing afterward.i don`t want a kind of factory job which is just the same thing every day. 8) what knid of international companys would employ you?

what kind of job do you electronic engineers in this forum have?

Also is it a profession that you can be highly successful in if you learn everything there is to know about.

i am from ireland so it might be different answers from all over the world.

thanks :roll:


Yes college is hard, lots of math and theory. Well worth it in the long run. I don't know what you'd earn a year where you are, but in the US (New Jersey specifically) you would earn about $55,000 right out of college and could see salaries approaching $90,000 (or more) in a few years depending on the industry.

I worked in the defense industry for a while, loved the work, very precise, everything had to be perfect. Now I'm an R&D Engineer for a medical equipment manufacturer. More money, got to travel to Europe on business trips, but bigger headaches.

Don't let a few years of hard work in college sway you away from being an engineer.
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