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Electronic Brick AD Key Module Code


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I am attempting to read the output from an Electronic Brick AD Key Module, but all the code I have seen does not help at all, so anyway, any help would be appreciated, as is obvious I am new to coding Arduinos so don't judge me please XD


A clue to what you're talking about including links and code reference might help.

I had to Google to find this link.

The output from that modules is a ratio metric analog voltage based on the main voltage, subject to noise, but you'd need to feed that into the ADC of an Arduino to read it and you've had to be sure the noise was low enough and the ADC was within the range.


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That thing is easy as pie to use I'll post you a test code here in a min.

I don't have a brick but this should work with little changes to Button_Min and Button_Max
You put power to the thing and read the high and low value to set them

const int Button_Min = 100;      // Button minimum, discovered through experiment
const int Button_Max = 1023;    // Button maximum, discovered through experiment

void setup() {
  // initialize serial communication:

void loop() {
  // read the Button
  int Buttons_read = analogRead(A0);
  // map the Button range to a range of five options:
  int Button = map(Buttons_read, Button_Min, Button_Max, 0, 4);

  // do something different depending on the 
  // Button value:
  switch (Button) {
  case 0:    // your hand is on the Button
  case 1:    // your hand is close to the Button
  case 2:    // your hand is a few inches from the Button
  case 3:    // your hand is nowhere near the Button
    case 4:    // your hand is nowhere near the Button

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I took the time to draw out how that brick is wired up. If you hook the brick up and take a reading from Ground to the adc output to find the highest reading use that for Button_Max'

Then find the lowest reading button use that in Button_Min

The Button_Min should be like 178 and the Button_max should be 1023

You'll figure it like this reading lowest 204.6x.87 rounded to 178

your high reading is say 204.6x5 = 1023

But you need to test them to find the settings

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